Monday, 22 January 2018


A philosophical ethos and an innate sense of idealism are truly endearing virtues especially in the young. When I was asked to initiate a rendezvous with the scion of a very old and pioneering family in the arena of garment manufacturing, I had some preconceived notions about the young achiever whom I was slated to encounter. Some of these were reconfirmed…..a very well bred voice and manner and a perfect sense of politeness laced the greeting offered to me by Dhananjay.However, I was surprised in other quarters and agreeably so…..there was not a single trace of arrogance and in fact the self effacing undertone was particularly endearing.Dhananjay was a very easy person to talk to…a quiet confidence was evident in the entire recount…a confidence of a “doer”…

An early start to any enterprise always generates a distinct, game- changing advantage which can increase exponentially through initiative, motivation and what have you! A young tenth standard student set off on a learning voyage under the strict, uncompromising tutelage of a Grandfather some years ago. The mission was to gain Real time knowledge…..hone people skills and finally shape into a leader of a team and a driving force of a huge industry. That young man was Dhananjay.He freely admits that he was very much in awe of the intimidating personality of his grandfather and understood that the iron rod approach meted out to him would ultimately lend him the unique advantage of recognizing his own latent talent. What is admirable is that there was a capacity in Dhananjay to recognize the long term benefits of sacrificing “freedom” in a way, at the tender age of about 15 years or so. His grandfather was a stickler for perfection and ensured that Dhananjay learn the ropes of the business the hard and arduous way. He was given no benefits of being the darling child of the owner’s family and had to work his way up. He recognized the value of modesty and also of seemingly mundane tasks like banking, administration and so on. In a few days the exercise grew on him.Dhananjay was soon looking forward to spending every moment before and after school and college on the “shop- floor”. He hardly got time to admire the sublime colors of the Arabian Sea from his Marine Drive Home! Yes the metamorphosis of this So Bo youth…..with his HR College and BMS degree had begun.

Dhananjay is a constant learner; by his own admission he finds that this is one of his most significant strong points. He also is gifted with an astute nature much beyond his calling and age. Well into the thick of business, he felt that the Company needs to reinvent itself in the areas relevant to the contemporary norms of business conductance. Here he received an initial resistance from his more conservative Grandfather. However, his father and Uncle ably supported and encouraged him and soon the Garment manufacturing enterprise that the family owned was indulging in “Hedging” and other risk oriented activities…with caution and prudence.It is the result of Dhananjay’s unreserved efforts and focus that they are a name to reckon with.Dhananjay set the flag of D.Bimala Enterprises and Nechiketa Exports flying high.Their garments specially the nightwear range find pride of place in Prime stores in Italy ,Germany and Gulf Countries. They also have a Unit in Tirupur, and a base in Mumbai.

Interestingly, around the midstream of his self internship (as he calls it!), he was ignited in purpose to establish a separate and totally delinked enterprise. His company of Injection molding plastics and packaging material, named DB Technoplast, is an extremely busy set-up in Daman, conveniently close to Dhananjay’s base in Mumbai.

Asked about his MBA at the prestigious SP Jain’s Family Business Specialization, Dhananjay humbly records a deep sense of gratitude to his Alma Mater.Theoretical skills to back his hands-on knowledge, grooming of his personality to take on his real world of business and entrepreneurship and a beautifully ramified network of peers who support and nurture each other’s professional and personal needs………these are takeaways from his MBA days.

Today Dhananjay is ensconced in the place he wanted to be. Far from being complacent he plans ahead to spearhead his capture of other global markets. He wishes to nurture his two companies like a conscientious parent, learning on the job all the time. Yes, this is a Young Icon who has tailor-made his present and future quite like his bespoke garments. Yes, the attitude is Injection molded with uncompromising hardwork and dedication. Yes, Dhananjay serves as an inspiration to many. God bless him.


                                                                                        Dr. Jyoti D. Vora ,